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My Account

  • Can I modify my personal information in My Account?

    • You are wholly in control of your account and the personal details you provide there. From the Personal Settings page in My Account, you can modify details such as your Name, Email, Profile Name, Mobile Number, and manage your subscriptions.
    • Apart from this, you can change your password, address, access your wishlist, and check your order history from My Orders section.
  • How can I confirm that my order has been accepted?

    • You will receive an email from us confirming your order details which will contain an Order ID (for ex. BB123456), the list of product(s) ordered, and the expected date of delivery.
    • You will be sent additional communication before your order is shipped. This mail will contain the Order ID along with the tracking digits which you can use to see where your shipment is at present.
  • How can I purchase an item which is currently ‘out of stock’?

    • Regrettably, the items that are currently out of stock will not be available for sale. Kindly utilize “notify me” button/feature, which will help you get notified as soon as the item is available with us.


  • How can I understand the different price rates offered on the same item?

    On BooksBay, you might find different editions and varieties of the same item. In case of books, you might find variety in the form of editions, hardcovers or paperbacks. You can get further details about this on the item page.
  • Do I need to have an account on BooksBay for shopping?

    Yes, you need to have your own account for shopping with BooksBay. The perks of having an account is that you will be able to obtain a personalized experience with suggestions curated as per your account activity. Apart from that you can save your wishlists, enjoy a faster checkout, and review the items available on our website.

Payment Methods

  • How can I make payments for the purchases made on BooksBay?

    • We strive hard to make your purchasing experience with us smooth and safe. We accept all major bank cards.
  • When I buy from BooksBay, do I need to be worried about any hidden charges like duty or sales taxes?

    • No, the customers do not have to worry about any hidden charges while purchasing from BooksBay. The prices displayed on the website for all the items are final and fully inclusive. You pay the exact amount you see on the website.
  • How can I make payment using my credit or debit card?

    • BooksBay accepts money transactions through all major bank cards.
    • To pay through your credit/debit card, you need to enter your card details, expiry date, three digit CVV number displayed at the back of the card. As you enter the card details, you will be redirected to bank’s page for submitting your secure online transaction password in order to finalize the payment.
  • Will it be safe to use my credit/debit card details on BooksBay website?

    • All the online transactions made on BooksBay website are secure. BooksBay has a 256-bit encryption technology employed to secure the transactions and the customers’ selective information while channeling their money from their respective banks to the completion of payment process. All banks these days utilize the 3D Secure password option to protect online transactions and they even employ extra security via identification of your credentials making your debit and credit card transactions secure as well.
  • What does 3D safe password mean?

    • Both Visa and MasterCard use 3D safe password which provides an extra level of protection for the customers’ online card dealing as it requires customers to complete and additional verification step with the card issuer while completing the payment.
  • How can a customer do payment via credit/debit card or internet bank on BooksBay via mobile?

    • The customer can do easy credit/debit or internet banking payments using mobile applications and mobile site. BooksBay utilizes 256- bit encryption technology secures the customers’ information and their card details along with a secure transferring the info to the safe and trustworthy payment gateways operated by leading banks.

Status of your Order

  • How can I find out the status of my purchase order at any time?

    • The customer can see their order status and other information regarding their order status in their “my account” section.
    • When you visit the “my account” section page, you can click on my orders link to see the status of all your orders. To see the status of a particular order, click on “order no” button.
  • What do the different order status’ mean?

    • Pending authorization: your order has been entered into logs and we are awaiting authorization from the payment gateway.
    • Authorized/under processing: we have received authorization from the payment gateway and we have begun processing your order.
    • Shipped: your order has been dispatched and is on its way.
    • Cancelled: the order has been cancelled.
  • If I have to cancel my order, how and when can I do that?

    • The customers can cancel their order through the website any time before they are shipped. If the product(s) has been shipped, kindly contact the customer service with the order details.

Shipping Process

  • What are the delivery charges on BooksBay?

    • Delivery charges will vary from order to order and you can check the same at the time of purchase.
  • Sometimes sellers have a few hidden charges like sales or duty taxes on their items, does BooksBay also have any hidden costs?

    • Absolutely not. There are no hidden costs on the items available for purchase on BooksBay. The prices displayed on the website are final prices. You ought to pay the price you see on the product page. Also, delivery charges, if applicable, are displayed on the website, depending upon the amount of the order.
  • When can I expect my order to be delivered?

    • Your order will be delivered within the specified time given on the product page. The working days exclude national holidays.
  • Why can’t I receive order in my area?

    • It could be possible because of following reasons:
      • Your location is not suitable for shipping the products.
      • There might be legal boundary of delivery of that product in your region.
      • There might not be any available courier service in your region.
  • How can I set up pick up for an order I wish to return?

    • For the ease of customers, we have made return communication quite simple. You will receive a call from the executive of BooksBay. They will guide you through the process of the return once you put the request of return on the website.
    • The courier service employed by us will pick up the package from your place. If by any chance, we are unable to arrange any courier service, you can send the package by other services too. The cost incurred in the return of the product will be paid by BooksBay.

Courier service

  • What is the procedure of delivery?

    • Reputed and trusted courier services have been employed by BooksBay for the delivery process. When we ship your product, you will be timely informed by the courier company about your shipment and you will be provided a tracking number. With the help of the tracking number, you can track and check the status of your order any time from courier service website and your BooksBay account, respectively.
    • At the time of ordering the product; to be precise, at the checkout time, you will be asked to provide your area pin code number where you wish to have the product delivered. This information will be recorded with us assuring the delivery of your purchase via seller.
  • Can you tell me about BooksBay packaging process?

    • Booksbay provides waterproof plastic sheet for wrapping the items being purchased from us. For fragile items, we will bubble wrap the product to ensure its safety. We follow all the standard instructions for wrapping and provide adept packaging quality for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • If I wish to track my order, how can I do that?

    • We have hired reputed and trusted courier services for the delivery process. You will be provided a tracking number or ID by the respective courier service. You can use this number or ID to get information about your package either from their website or from their contact numbers provided.

Return and cancel policy

  • What is the policy provided for return?

    • We always ensure that the products sold on BooksBay are new and 100% genuine. Regardless, if there is any issue with the delivered product, we assure simple and costless return policies for the return of any damaged product. Possible solutions for these issues could be replacing, exchanging or refunding of the product or amount value depending on seller’s return process.
  • BooksBay offers free replacement policy, what does it mean?

    • You can replace your damaged product or any product that does not match the details given by us. There will be no extra costs charged for replacement of the product.
    • Kindly, check our policy for replacement before placing an order. And also be sure to check the time limit within which you can return the product.
    • Meanwhile, if the required product goes out of stock during the replacement time, the customer will be provided full refund, no questions asked.
  • What is the procedure for returning the purchased order?

    • For the convenience of our customers, we have framed simple and easy steps that need to be followed:
      • Contact BooksBay along with the details of the order.
      • As soon we receive your complaint, the customer executive will contact you to confirm the request for returning and will familiarize you with process for the pick-up of the order.
      • Before you return the product make sure that the product is not used and is still in its original form, including the price tags, packaging and original bill. Remarks:
      • There will no extra charges for return and exchanging/replacement process.
      • You should contact us with the return request within 15 days of purchase.
      • Replacement will be offered on damaged items while transportation.
      • For details, you should check the policies of return beforehand.
      • In case the product is out of stock, the refund will be made to the customer without any questions and the shipping charges will be covered by us.
      • Customers will be informed about the pickups by our executive.
      • Replacement could only be done if the product is in stock with us. If it is not available, then the customer will be refunded the full amount.
  • What is meant by pickup process and why would I need to ship back the product?

    Once the customer has made a replacement/exchange request, we will contact you for the confirmation and inform you about the pick-up of the product. Kindly make sure that the product is not used and in original condition. It should include the original price tags, packaging, and bills when you are returning the product.

    • We can arrange pick-ups for almost every location. An instructional mail will be forwarded to you which you can follow for returning the product(s).
    • If your location is out of pickup service region, you might need to ship us back the product yourself. We will make sure you get paid for the amount invested in the mailing.
    • Things to be considered while returning:
      • Safely pack the product to protect it against any damage.
      • Mention the return ID/number on the package, so that we can easily recognize the return package.
      • Kindly mention the accurate address.
      • Provide the original receipt with the return product. And note down all the details with you for future use.
      • The return or the refunding, whatever has to be done, will be done only we receive the package from your side.
  • When will I get my replacement order?

    • You will receive the details about the pickup as soon as we get the replacement request either by mail or by call from customer support. In nearby locations, the replaced product will be given to you at the time of pickup. Whereas in other locations, the replaced copy will be dispatched only after we receive your package. You are asked to contact us instantly if you don’t get the replaced package within stipulated time limit.
  • Supposedly I have received a free gift item with my product, do I need to return it?

    • Yes. The customer needs to return everything they have received with the item including gift.
  • If I want to cancel my return request after initiating it, how can I do that?

    • As soon you feel like you don’t want to return the product and you wish to retain the product, you call us immediately requesting to cancel the return request.
    • If the replacement copy of your order has been dispatched, you can reject the return package when it is delivered to you.
  • Can I return some components of my order?

    • Yes of course. If you have ordered more than one item in your order and you wish to return any one of them, you can do so. You need to provide us with the product details for partial order replacement.
  • Does BooksBay offer replacement guarantee?

    • If you received a damaged or tampered product, you may return it under the 15-day replacement policy with no extra charges. The item will be picked up and replaced by us with a new product at no extra cost.
  • When should I expect repayment to reach back to me?

    • We try to make your shopping experience with BooksBay as efficient as possible. You can rest assured about protection of your money and details, they are very much safe with us. Repayment will be issued when:
      • We are unable to provide replacement for your product.
      • When the dispute you filed against us has been ruled in your favor.
      For refund of your money, kindly check our return policy before placing an order.
  • Why haven’t I received my refund money in my account (bank)?

    • We will send you a mail regarding the information of your refund money. If you have received the email from us, rest assured and know that your request has been processed and we have contacted the financial firms for the same.
    • Sometimes, those financial firms take longer time than expected to process the refund request. Nonetheless, if your money doesn’t reach you within the stipulated time, you may contact us and we will surely assist you in every way we can.
  • I wish to cancel my order; how should I do that?

    • Unless the item has been delivered to you, you can cancel the order.
    • For cancelling you order,
    • Log in your account and visit your “my order” page.
    • Select the items you want to cancel and click on the “view details” feature to see the details of your order.
    • From there you can cancel the order by clicking on “cancel” button.
    • You also need to mention the reasons for cancelling your order and choose a mode of repayment and confirm if you are sure to cancel it.
    • Once your cancellation has been approved, we will begin the process of your refund.
  • I can see a disabled “cancel” link on my order page. Why?

    • It means either the item has been shipped already or the item is a non-refundable product. If you want to know anything else, you can always call the customer support for further information.
  • How much time does it normally take during the cancellation process?

    • It might take a maximum of 2 days in processing the cancel request for your item(s). As soon as the order status has been cancelled, we will initiate the process of refund. You will get a mail from us containing the information regarding the order status.
    • If the order status has been changed to shipped, we will transfer your request directly to our courier service providers. Your refund money will reach you soon as soon we receive the product(s) back. We will try to refund the money as quickly as possible by your chosen mode of payment.
    • If you want your money to be transferred to your bank account, it will take 7-10 business days for respective financial organization to process back the money. If your money is delayed, you need to contact the bank directly in that case.
  • What are the possible ways of repayment once I cancel my order?

    • After we receive confirmation of the cancellation, we will initiate the refund process back to the original mode of payment.